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If it’s Outsourced, it’s Outstanding!


Can You Back It Up?

An information asymmetry exists between investors and their managers.  Poor interest alignment, which is inherent in the investor-manager relationship, distorts research.  Outsourced Research seeks to correct this imbalance.

Real estate suffers from too many stories and too little science.  Much research pulls punches and fails to tell the whole story.  

Research, which is often an extension of the marketing department, may not always tackle difficult and controversial topics in a complete, timely and objective manner.  

Outsourced Research is a valuable research supplement at large money management firms and an affordable Outsourced Research substitute for in-house research at emerging and small- to medium sized firms.  Our research can reduce the research budget or enhance the effectiveness of existing programs.

Outsourced Research focuses on the high-level decisions that CEOs, CIOs, investment committee members, and pension real estate directors must make.  Our goal is to promote better, well-informed, evidence-based decisions.

Our research is cutting edge, actionable, and timely.

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