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What We Do

Our Focus

  • Outsourced Research is a virtual debating forum that connects investors and managers.

  • Our research is objective, thought-provoking, and non-mainstream.

  • We focus on the most critical issues facing institutional investors, their committees and heads of real estate.

  • We blend corporate finance, fixed income, portfolio management, factor risks and Monte Carlo simulation, derivatives, and real estate economics.

  • We speak truth to capital by correcting the information asymmetry that exists between investors and their managers. 

  • Managers read what we are telling their investors and investors obtain unbiased research.

  • We say what investors and managers often cannot say:  Controversial but urgently important topics.  We do not flinch.

How We Do It

  • Small- to medium-sized firms regard Outsourced Research as a cost effective and flexible substitute for an expensive research department.  Large firms with established research departments regard Outsourced Research as a valuable supplement.

  • We connect Investors with their Managers and promote the exchange of ideas through innovative research papers, webinars, and podcasts.

  • We write papers with actionable ideas on investment strategy using advanced econometrics and risk analytics.

  • Recent past topics have included the following:

  • Is real estate an inflation hedge?

  • If interest rates rise, will cap rates follow?

  • How to incorporate illiquid assets in a portfolio of publicly traded assets

  • Are leveraged core funds less risky than opportunistic investments?

  • Why is obsolescence about to change the pricing of the entire office inventory?

  • The proper use of the NCREIF index as a performance benchmark.

  • What is the natural vacancy rate and why does it matter when buying property?

  • Why is the IRR a bad performance measure?

  • Why are neighborhood retail centers inherently different than malls?

  • Why don't investors do not value lease options properly?

  • Do investors overpay for gateway status, MSA size, density and growth?

  • Diversification with and without liabilities and less than full pension funding

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