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Subscriber Products

A Subscription includes the following:

1. Strategy

  • 4-5 pages each

  • 20 papers per year

  • Summary webcast for each paper

2. Free Webinars

  • Quantitative applications tutorials once per month

  • Frequent topical webinars that discuss strategy papers

  • Subscribers can download exhibits used in webinars

3. Chartroom

  • Two a year

  • Includes thematic essays

  • Numerous graphs and analys

Investors, such as pension funds, endowments, and foundations, receive Outsourced Research at no charge. Investors can download all papers. We invite them to participate in webinars and view educational podcasts. 

Managers and operating companies pay a nominal subscription fee that allows them to download over fifty papers on investment strategy from a rapidly growing list. 

Value proposition. Managers and operating companies, which learn what we are telling the investors, can download topical and creative papers at a very low cost per paper. 

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