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Expert Witness and Fairness Opinions

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Expert witness and fairness opinion services include the following:

Wage and other sources of discrimination   |   ERISA: Diversification and prudence   |    Pricing and valuation

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Expert Witness.  An expert witness is a person with specialized skill sets whose opinion may help a jury make sense of the factual evidence of a case. Testimonies from expert witnesses can have a tremendous influence on the final decision of the judge.  Dr. Zisler has been an expert witness for the U.S. Department of Labor on ERISA matters and has served as expert relating to LP/GP conflicts, development, and due diligence.

Fairness opinions. A real estate fairness opinion is a report that evaluates the facts and fairness of a transaction. Sometimes fairness opinions are required for sales, mergers, partnership disputes, fee negotiations and reviews, or acquisitions. Fairness opinions can reduce litigation risk.

We offer a deep transactional resume, institutional experience, and cutting-edge econometric skills.

Click this link  to receive information regarding diversity, expert witness, and fairness opinions, or just call Dr. Zisler at 310-560-1192.

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