Subscriber Products

1. Managers.  

A. Outsourced Basic Research Package ($15,000) includes access to all research in the library.  Research papers consist of 16 to 20 strategy papers per year, the Outsourced Quarterly Chartroom and Forecast, Outsourced Webinars, and Outsourced Podcasts.  

B.  Outsourced Premium Package($25,000) includes the Basic Research Package plus the following:

i. Co-authored paper with Dr. Randall Zisler.  A typical paper focuses on a specific strategy.

ii. Webinar to discuss the paper.  Webinars can include invited discussants and members of the subscriber’s firm.  The subscriber receives a recording, that the subscriber can post on its site and use for unlimited marketing.  Outsourced Research will post webinar on its site. 

iii. A PowerPoint of graphs and tables based on the paper to be used in the webinar.


iv. Virtual advertorialOutsourced Research will interview the firm’s leadership and provide a recording that the subscriber can post on their site and use for unlimited marketing.  

v. Listing on the Outsourced site as a Sponsoring Manager.

vi. Consulting time with Randall Zisler.


2. Outsourced Vendors, in exchange for access to data platform, receive the Outsourced Basic Research Package, a co-authored paper, and a webinar to showcase their data and software products.  We will post the subscriber and its logo as a sponsoring Outsourced Vendor.

3. Investors receive the Outsourced Basic Package at no charge.  We invite them to participate as an observer in all webinars. We will post the investor and its logo as a Sponsoring Investor.