Outsourced Custom Consulting and White Papers


“Outsourced Consulting prepares evidence-based Investment Strategy White Papers and Proprietary Investment Strategies

  • Private and customized.  Clients have full control over the distribution of Outsourced Consulting’s custom products and services.  

  • Outsourced Investment Strategy White Papers and Webinars raise the profile of the company and help the company achieve its marketing objectives.  

  • Outsourced Proprietary Investment Strategies includes devising and back testing proprietary strategies and financial instruments, and implementing risk management capabilities. 

  • Times have changed; research now drives the train.  Investors seek a coherent  investment strategy that is financially and operationally all-encompassing and actionable.  The due diligence questionnaire, offering memorandum, meetings and virtual meetings with capital sources must reflect the investment strategy.  The story must be unique and compelling; it must differentiate the manager.

  • Our experience.  Dr. Zisler has advised over 100 institutional investors, including some of the largest pension and sovereign funds, and has consummated over $6 billion of institutional transactions. 

  • Manager considerations.   The expected returns and risks of the strategy, short and long term, must be clear and compelling.  Is the strategic goal identifying underpriced assets?  If so, does the manager have the proven ability to identify and exploit these inefficiencies?   If the assets are fairly priced, then is the goal acquiring assets that enhance the overall risk-adjusted return of the portfolio?  Does the manager have access to information that is not discounted into asset prices?  Is there a true diversification effect:  Does the strategy lower portfolio risk without sacrificing return, or, equivalently, increase return without incurring additional risk?  Does the strategy’s success depend on market consolidation that includes speculative cap rate compression or repricing?  How robust is the strategy?  If the strategy fails or if its execution is flawed, what is the manager’s contingency plan?

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